Hope Scholarship Fund - a dedicated resource for young women

Help young women achieve their goals at Heritage

Hope Scholarship Fund - a dedicated resource for young women image

A life changing gift

Many young women attend Heritage. There are many who cannot attend due to financial disadvantages which they cannot control. Many of these young women come from orphanages such as our sister program at the Village of Hope (VOH) or are under the care of a guardian who cannot provide financial aid.

These young women are talented, they just need help! They need someone to stand up and give them a once in a life opportunity to prepare themselves for service in God's Kingdom; helping them provide a better life for themselves, their families and being better prepared for work in their home churches.

Heritage is a unique place. We provide opportunity specifically for these women. They can choose to study in the university, one of our Professional Studies programs or they can learn a trade.

The Hope Scholarship Fund has been created by a generous donor who understands the opportunity to enable young women and who stepped up to provide initial funding.

We need your help! As this fund grows, we are excited as we will be able to help more young women. The need is far larger than we can address.

Please help!