Explosive student body growth - we need housing!

We are blessed!! As of June 26, we have raised $288,000 (inclusive of online donations noted on this page) of the required $1,150,000 required for this hostel. Please help! The number to the right is only the "ONLINE donations, not the total noted here".

Explosive student body growth - we need housing! image

Help provide a safe and secure home for our students

Since September 2023 and the emergence of our new degree offerings, including nursing, we are in urgent need of housing for students. The need has never been this intense but with more students coming to Heritage to study fulltime and in particular in nursing, housing is no longer optional.

We now have 760 students and are expecting another 250 or more by end of 2024. This is a great blessing but also a daunting challenge which you can make a real difference in.

Students really do want to come to Heritage but if we do not have housing, the proposition does not work for them.

These are young Christians who really wish to come! We want them and need them as part of our student body - please help!

Yes, God has blessed us. We have generous donors and we've raised some of the funds required but we are not there yet! This is a critical project. It is critical to HCU's growth, ability to reach as many students as we can and will help us reach a more sustainable size in terms of students registered.