Provide laptop funding to a student image

Provide laptop funding to a student

Give them the tools they need transform Ghana

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Laptop Diploma-cy

We're calling this fundraising effort "Laptop Diploma-cy" because by contributing toward student laptops, YOU become the diplomat. You make yourself an ambassador for this cause as you help students toward those vital diplomas and you help graduate ethical, technology-literate students – which is unique in Africa – who will start businesses aided by their experiences on campus.

Plus you are taking a step for the environment (because you help us maintain our paper-free campus) and for the advancement of human beings in a part of the world that is lifting itself out of strife and turmoil to give work and dignity to its citizenry. Where can you apply your money where you will do so much good? We think you'll treasure this chance to be an ambassador in an endeavor that will benefit the entire economy of Ghana.