Your donation empowers HCC and HBI to spread the gospel! image

Your donation empowers HCC and HBI to spread the gospel!

We need your help to pay for our new truck so our HCC/HBI faculty and students can reach more souls for Christ!

$10,425 raised

$30,000 goal

/ 150


The gospel of Christ is spreading all across Ghana and our Heritage Bible Institute is equipping preachers and evangelists to go out into rural Ghana and spread the good news. We need your help so this ministry can continue to grow and meet the needs of those lives impacted by our students and faculty who are working tirelessly to get this transformational job done.

We are currently limited in our ability to reach all those communities in our reach by the fact that we don't have a vehicle to transport our teams out into the more rural parts of Ghana. Our goal is to raise $30,000 so we can pay for the new vehicle for Heritage Christian College and Heritage Bible Institute.

Hearts are broken, ears are listening, lives are being transformed by hearing of the good news of Jesus Christ. This is an area of the world where the church is growing rapidly, PLEASE help us continue to spread the gospel in Ghana!

It always seems impossible until it is done-Nelson Mandela